Adaptable to almost any construction project, Panablok combines fast construction times, high levels of thermal insulation and low costs. It’s the ideal, modern, innovative alternative to conventional building materials

Panablok panels can be integrated into almost any design plan as a like-for-like replacement for more costly and less efficient construction products. Or, they can work alongside all other methods of wall, floor and roof construction. As well as internal and external load bearing walls which support concrete floors and stairs, Panablok panels can be used for internal party walls, and can also be used to make complete load-bearing floors and roofs.

Taking the scale and speed of production into account, together with reduced transport costs, water usage and site waste, Panablok is a significantly cheaper, more effective alternative to traditional building methods. Since there is no waste removal, for example, expenditure on skips and landfill can be eliminated.

Such versatility might be expected to result in a strength compromise, especially given the product’s low weight credentials. Panablok panels, however, can be structurally engineered to withstand earthquakes or hurricanes. Their low weight, meanwhile, means that a substantial reduction in foundation and the complete omission of structural frame designs can often be achieved.

Speed of construction
Choosing Panablok in preference to traditional methods of construction can reduce the time taken to build a waterproof envelope by up to 75%. Using Panablok as an in-fill material within a traditional frame also changes the critical path of larger scale, multi-storey construction, and can reduce completion times by 40%. A five-man team could build a 100-square metre house in a week, using Panablok panels. Up to 200 square metres can be erected in a single day.

Not weather dependent
Panablok panels are fully formed and waterproof when they leave the factory. Panablok structures can be assembled in all weather conditions, unlike cement and mortar, so construction on site need not be held up due to unpredictable weather. Panablok’s fast-track construction methodology can create a weatherproof envelope within days, altering critical path activities that follow, and enabling earlier and simultaneous internal and external installation and finishing processes.
Designed to cope in temperatures ranging from -400C to +500C, Panablok is suited to installation in all geographic regions around the world.

Highly durable
Fire resistance and excellent thermal insulation are just two of Panablok’s many attributes. The system carries a British Board of Agrément (BBA) Certificate with a minimum 60-year durability rating, and is approved by the UK’s National House-Building Council (NHBC) & Zurich Insurance. The entire panel is saltwater, rot, insect (termite) and vermin resistant, and the materials will not deteriorate even in conditions of high humidity.

Despite the innovative nature of the Panablok panel, erection requires rudimentary building skills. On-job training is part of the Panablok package, ensuring that developers and builders can quickly adapt to the new materials.