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The universal construction module that sets the highest standards in versatile, sustainable, time- and cost efficient construction – for all weather builds

Originally developed as a quick-fit, long-life, all-in-one walling system with an advanced thermal insulation element, Panablok is a groundbreaking piece of innovation that can be delivered and installed on significantly faster timelines than conventional building techniques. Today, Panablok can be utilized to rapidly provide a total waterproof envelope for any building structure - walls, floors and roofs.

Panablok modules already form an integral structural element in more than 6,000 buildings in the UK and Ireland – from public buildings, hotels and schools to social and private housing. We’ve built a wealth of experience in practically every kind of construction project over the last 20 years, giving us the confidence to diversify into new markets and sectors.

Panablok comprises two skins of magnesium oxide board with a rigid, closed cell polyurethane core to create a synergetic composite panel. Each Panablok panel incorporates 2 patented Sigma Studs for structural strength and enhanced fire resistance. Each precision factory manufactured element has tongue and groove edges, with integral closures embedded in the polyurethane core. As the patented closure mechanism tightens, the panels draw together, forming structurally stable, airtight connections.

Panels are fixed into a galvanised steel base channel, which is connected to a suspended floor or concrete slab. The panels are capped with a similar channel, which provides the bearing for the upper floor. Versatility is a key advantage -  Panablok can accommodate most designs and plan forms. Wall openings for windows and doors are easily accommodated and can be of any size and position, using patented angle flitch plate lintels which are sized according to engineered structural strength requirements.

The end result is a versatile, cost effective and extremely strong structure able to self-support up to three storeys (each up to 2.7 metres high) without a frame, including concrete floors. It can be built either as a single, stand-alone structural skin, or the inner skin in cavity construction and can easily be used in conjunction with traditional forms of external facing, floor and roof materials.

And, as a consistent and uniform product, Panablok can be made locally and delivered anywhere in the world.

When time and cost are of the essence, when developers need an engineered, waterproof structural envelope product that can be used n temperatures between 400C and +500C and in all weather conditions, it makes sense to choose Panablok.