Panablok for Local Authorities

We are acutely aware of the demand for low cost affordable housing particularly by Local Authorities and Housing Associations.

Lease Back Scheme for Local Authorities, No Cash Upfront
Panablok is able to work in partnership with Local Authorities to design, build and finance a housing scheme in accordance with Local Authority requirements. Panablok is then able to lease back the scheme so the Local Authority has no capital outlay.

Because the Panablok construction and unit costs are so low compared to traditional building methods, that the economic model ensures Local Authority budgets can work within the parameters of the available housing benefit allowances.

Panablok for Housing Associations
We are currently working with number of Housing Associations across the UK where we are designing schemes to meet the requirements of Housing associations who want low cost housing stock to be brought into their portfolio’s in rapid time. Panablok is an ideal solution in helping to get housing stock developed much faster than traditional building methods.