Environmentally Responsible

Sustainability is a core element in the Panablok package. A comparatively small environmental footprint is built into each development, making Panablok a true 21st century building technology

Manufactured off-site and fitted on-site using ‘dry-fix’ methods, the Panablok panel uses 90% less water than conventional brick and block work. It also uses 90% less quarried material and, since panels can be demounted and re-used, is totally recyclable.

Additional environmental benefits include:

  • Reduced transport costs: It would take eight trucks of traditional building materials (block and insulation) to cover the same build area as one truck’s worth of Panablok panels
  • Reduced site waste and no landfill requirement: Panablok construction requires  few tools, materials and equipment on-site; there is no on-site waste product
  • Lightweight construction means cheaper foundations and a less adverse impact on the water table
  • Non bio-hazardous, with an ozone depletion insulation rating of zero
  • A global warming potential rating of 4.08, offering low running costs throughout life-of-build